Charm Crystal Bracelet ( 1pc )

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Charm Crystal Bracelet 

  • Free Size Stretchable 
  • This enchanting bracelet is designed for both girls and women who embrace their inner sparkle and seek a touch of glamour in their everyday style.
  • The playful design adds a touch of youthful spirit to your ensemble, making it perfect for casual outings, special occasions, or simply brightening up your day.
  • The shimmering crackle beads catch the light, creating a stunning play of colors that dance along your wrist. Whether you're headed to a brunch with friends or a night out on the town, this bracelet effortlessly elevates your look with its radiant and eye-catching design.
  • This Crystal Bracelet Is The Perfect Gift For Mothers, Lovers, Girlfriends, Friends, Sisters And Anyone Who Wants To Express Their Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day And New Years.