Sanrio 3D Water Glitter Sticker Keychain ( 1 pc )

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Sanrio 3D Water Glitter Sticker Keychain

  • Can Be Used As Both Keychain And Sticker.
  • Self Adhesive Comes With Keychain String.
  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry around, easy to hang, can be easily hung on car keys, handbags, backpacks, wallets and other items.
  • Sanrio Sticker, a 3D embossed sticker with images of very cute and adorable Sanrio characters. The inside has glitter that you can shake.
  • With strong adhesive power, you can stick Sanrio stickers on various types of surfaces, such as book covers, glasses, drinking bottles, lunch boxes, cellphone cases, and other favorite items. In each set you will get Approximate 10 embossed stickers and different sticker sizes.