About us

Hello There, Thank you for Visiting Us.

We are a home grown Brand which was established in 2019, on Instagram with a few followers.

When it comes to cute and quirky stuffs, who would not loved them, who wouldn't love a Glimpse of it. This got us the Idea of why not making you guys Own Them. 

With the support and love of our clients, We took our Venture to a bigger platform with the vision of exposing it to a greater audience and Built this Website.

We aim at bringing you the Cutest Assorted Hampers and products at Different Affordable Price Range.

"THE MAGIC TRUNK" is a passion turned into Business, we put all our heart and love in each and every order hoping that you will love them more than we do.

For any Queries feel free to Contact us at themagictrunkindia@gmail.com