3D Double Compartment Stationery Pencil Pouch ( 1pc )

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3D Double Compartment Stationery Pencil Pouch 

  • Size- 22 x 7.6 x 7.5 cm. Dual Comparment
  • The pen case has a large opening that allows you to easily access your daily necessities and store a variety of office supplies. This design simplifies everyday life by allowing efficient and organized storage regardless of size of objects
  • 3D cartoon design, press without deformation. Built in elastic band, which can fix the ruler.
  • Our pen case is made of high quality material to ensure perfect durability and odorless experience. With waterproof coating, EVA construction, silicone zipper pulls, it is the perfect choice
  • Easily store a variety of office supplies and school supplies in a pencil case. Ideal for organizing a variety of pens, erasers, correction fluids, and more, the perfect storage solution designed for any occasion