Bunny Lint Candy Gel Pen ( 2pc )

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Bunny Lint Candy Gel Pen 

  • Ink Color: Blue
  • The Bunny Lint Candy Blue Gel Pen is a lovely and attention-grabbing writing instrument designed with a special touch.
  • Available in two charming variants – Bunny Lint Candy, these pens give you the perfect opportunity to express your style and match your mood effortlessly. 
  • Crafted with precision using premium quality materials, our Bunny Lint Candy Party Gel Pen offers a seamless and comfortable writing experience. 
  • The smooth ink flow ensures your thoughts glide onto paper effortlessly, making every note, doodle or letter a pleasure to create.
  • This gel pen can be considered as a best gift for kids and adults, also can be gifted on return gifts, party favor.