Cartoon Series Erasable Highlighters Set ( 6 pcs )

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Cartoon Series Double Headed Erasable Highlighters Set 

  • The highlighters have the ability to write like a highlighter and erase like a pencil, allowing you to highlight but also leaving space for error. If you accidentally highlight something, you can erase it.
  • Erasable highlighters mix a clean wear eraser with amazing erasable ink for convenience. You can frequently mark and erase without having to wipe away, keeping your document clean and unharmed.
  • The end of of highlighter marker is molded narrow chisel tip, can be used for broad highlighting, fine underlining, the thin part of the tip can also be used for writing notes.
  • Double-head highlighters offer easy control and comfortable grip, it is very light and writes smoothly.
  • It is suitable for highlighting your notes, important information, drawing etc. Also it is a best gift for your child.