Desk Calendar ( 1 pc )

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Themed Cartoon Desk Calendar Endless 

  • Size: 25.5cm*16.5cm*7.7cm ( Approx )
  • Color & Design: Dino, Space, Mermaid, Unicorn
  • Stay organized in magical style Printed Colorful Desk Calendar
  • Add a sprinkle of enchantment to your workspace with this delightful unicorn-themed desk calendar!
  • Keep track of your schedule with whimsy and flair as you journey through the months with unicorns by your side! 
  • Perfect for home, office, or school use, this calendar will bring a touch of magic to any setting!
  • These Calendar colorful calendars will enhance the beauty of the desk, each and every page is printed with unicorn theme and vibrant colors, just flip it over for next month, these are foldable and easy to install