Double Head Roller Design Pen ( 8 Pieces )

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Double Head Roller Design Pen for Doodling, Highlighting, Painting & DIY

  • Curve Highlighter come with 8 Lovely Colors with 2 Heads. 
  • These flowing flair pens are Acid-free and non-toxic , ink doesn’t smear, fade, or skip, no harm to health. Allow all family enjoy smooth application for coloring books, school project, DIY letters and more at school home office
  • Each Linear Color Pens has a soft grip and a 0.4mm durable tip. Premium materials make our pen glide smoother than others. When using, try to keep the pen as vertical as possible so that you can draw a clearer continuous pattern.
  • Double nib marker design, used to draw the scroll wheel end of the marker line. The Curve Highlighter Set combines highlighters to mark a variety of colors, and you've got a great tool for your studies and your artistic work. Create a variety of elegant marker lines with one swipe, hassle-free and fun.
  • Colored Curve Line Markers Pens acid-free and non-toxic ink does not smear, fade or leak ink. Many well-designed curve line types. His unique nib can highlight some important parts well and draw some beautiful patterns, which is practical and necessary in study and daily life.
  • This Kids Colorful Curve Highlighter Pen Set makes it easy for all families to use Smilevol markers for cards, crafts, coloring books, school projects, DIY letters, and more.
  • Kids Colored Curve Pens, full speed dry ink, dry fast and write clear and smooth. You just place the pen under the text you want to mark and slide the smile pen lightly.