Floral Mini Clip Lamps ( 1pc )

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Floral Mini Clip Lamps 

  • The flower lamp is well made, no sharp edges, and the colorful box packaging is perfect as a gift. Put it on the desktop decoration or clip it anywhere the kids want to put it, it will be a great decoration, even an adult can't help but like this kawaii mini flower lamp
  • Cute little clip-on lamps are not only practical wireless lamps, but also cute decorations to put on your table, nightstand or cabinet. 
  • Usually we like to give our kids a warm eye lamp to read book half an hour before bedtime, so that they can slowly go to sleep with warm little lamp and a wonderful story in the book. The Flower Clip Table Lamp will be a great choice for children's reading.
  • This clip light can be clamped anywhere and can stand on the desktop, the design of the petal shade, bright and beautiful colors, so that your desktop to add unlimited fun.
  • Daily desktop office to write homework, open a small lamp, warm light to add warmth to the boring work.
  • This small table lamp night light has tenacious vitality, a perfect gift for friends, children or yourself. Also ideal for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Children's Day, Christmas. Suitable for bedroom, college dormitory, office reading kawaii decoration