No Sharpen Pencil With Eraser ( 2pcs )

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No Sharpen Pencil With Eraser 

  • They're Not Shapeable No-Ink Pencils Writing pencils for students Immortal Everlasting Pencil Infinite Pencil Unlimited Writing Pencil for Kids Artist Painting Drawing White.
  • Erasable pencils allow you to repeatedly erase and rewrite without causing page or document damage.
  • Sketch Drawing Artists, Students, Children, Artists, Designers, Boys, Girls, Kids, Men, Women, Teachers, College Students, Schools Gift, & Other Presents.
  • This is a unlimited pencil without need to sharpen or replace refill and no ink, because the nib is made of alloy, the nib rubs on paper to decompose alloy metal molecules and leave them on the surface of the paper. Can be applied to notebook & writing pads, stone paper, craft paper, and most paper, and the handwriting can be retained for a long time.
  • Our eternal pencil can replace 100 wooden pencils. The nib made of alloy material, which can write smoothly and not easy to break, handwriting same as ordinary pencil, easy to erase, the barrel is non-slip, and the grip feels comfortable, suite adults and children.