Pastel Color Pen Set ( 6 pcs )

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Kawaii Pastel Color Pen Set

  • The pen set has different bright colors to illuminate your work with colors. There are in total 6 colors in the set with different shades of colors like Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, White, blue.
  • The multicolor pens are retractable pens. They have spring attached in it and has easy click – top retraction button. It also has a clip for strong grip and carrying it in pockets.
  • The material used in making pens is good quality plastic and every material used in making it including ink is non-toxic and acid free in nature. Hence it is completely safe for everyone especially kids, to use.
  • The Pen set has multiple uses. It is ideal for sketch, draw, doodle, highlighting, underlining, writing titles for project, journals, planners, notes, art and craft activities, card designing, greeting card designing, letter to friends and family, decorations, school projects and scrap book.